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Clear Stones The Gallbladder & Kidneys Naturally*

Soothe Discomfort & Dislodge Stones*

Support Healthy Gallbladder/Kidney Function*

Avoid Expensive & Dangerous Surgical Extraction*



*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Results may vary.
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*Testimonials displayed on this site are from real Cleanse Drops users and reflect real life experiences of those individuals who have used the product. However, they are individual results and results can vary. We do not claim that every user will achieve the same results as the ones displayed on this site.

Read our testimonial disclaimer

"Your product works and can't thank you enough."*


I was skeptical of the claims but my partner Judy saw the web advertisement and knew that I had Gallstones based on a Cat Scan which showed two (2). I suffered from pain under my rib cage and was considering surgery. Ordered two bottles, gave one to my partner to use because of the stated cleansing powers for the Gallbladder, Kidney and Liver.


Started with the 20 drops per day until my body got use to the cleanse and increased the dosage to 20 drops twice a day mixed in juice. After several weeks I increased the dosage to 30 drops twice a day in about 2 inches of water. I found that using about 2 inches of water as a delivery method was a lot more beneficial and had no taste. Wednesday evening I noticed that I had not taken my second dose of the Cleanse Drops so I proceeded to take my 30 drops in water and went to bed.


When I got up Thursday morning the first thing I did my was to  take 30 drops and water. After a small cup of coffee I felt an immediate urge in my bowel, after going to the bathroom I noticed that I had expelled 2 Gallstones. How did I know, it was foreign to what I normally excrete. (Sorry to be so descriptive but I got very excited like a kid and at 68 years I don't get excited about too many things).


2 Gallstones excreted through the bowels  Submitted by Nick Talias *Results May Vary From Person To Person*This photo contains graphic contentMy partner took an iPhone picture with me holding the stones and have attached it to this email. I am so excited that I am like a kid that wants to show and tell about the marvelous results that the Cleanse Drops did for me without surgery in the elimination of these Gallstones.


I will continue using the Cleanse Drops to act as a preventative measure and to keep cleansing i.e.. the Gallbladder, Kidneys and Liver.


Your product works and can't thank you enough. For people with issues and can't tell you enough times that you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't order the Cleanse Drops.*




Nick Talias

"Nothing else has ever worked before"*


"…50 Kidney stones and 6 surgeries to help remove part of those because I’ve been unable to pass a kidney stone for almost 6 years. I had my last surgery in November of 2014 where they had me totally cleared out, but already by February of 2015 I had a new kidney stone.


But in April I, by accident, came across Cleanse Drops and thought nothing to lose so I inquired on it and started taking it so that hopefully I would not have to have more surgery.


I have been taking the drops for about 3 months when the Monday, last Monday I was actually able to pass a kidney stone, which I was very pleased with. Nothing else has ever worked before. Plus since I had started taking the drops in April I have not taken any medications." (*Individual results may vary)


Video submitted by: George (6/30/15)

listen to real customer EXPERIENCES

"I'm feeling 50% less pain"*

- Noberto G. (1/05/15)

(*Results may vary)

"You have saved me from surgery"*

- Elisa O. (1/05/15)

(*Results may vary)

"Been taking them ever since"*

- Mark F. (1/02/15)

(*Results may vary)

"It is helping me drastically"*

- Ross B. (12/28/14)

(*Results may vary)

"I feel very good no pain"*

- Jose R. (12/18/14)

(*Results may vary)

"90% of my pain was gone"*

- John M. (12/13/14)

(*Results may vary)

"To my amazement I passed a pretty large stone" (*Results may vary)

- Barbara (12/30/14)

"I have been extremely happy with the results" (*Results may vary)

- Tracy B. (12/29/14)

"It moved the kidney stone"

(*Results may vary)

- Patty S. (12/18/14)

"In two days the pain was gone" (*Results may vary)

- Andre S. (11/29/14)

"I've stopped taking my medication"  (*Results may vary)

- Keith J. (11/19/14)

"Really helped my kidney stones" (*Results may vary)

- Larry E. (11/12/14)

"Been pain free ever since"*

I was diagnosed with gallstones. I felt some psychological relief finally knowing what was causing my pain but I was not looking forward to surgery and hoped that there was another option. My doctors could not offer any other option so I started looking around. I purchased the Cleanse Drops and started the regiment. During the first week I only had one bout with pain and have been pain free ever since.*


Customer Name: Bonnie Allen (10/29/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"It really does work wonders!"*

I was having severe gallbladder attacks and needed to have surgery. I was out of town and couldn't get back to my Dr for a couple of months. I was looking for any natural product to help with the pain until I could return home to have the surgery. To my surprise I used cleanse drops and they really worked. I am now at home and do not have to have the surgery. I do keep up the maintenance drops until I can change my diet. So worth it to not have to have surgery. I totally recommend this product. It really does work wonders!*


Customer Name: Juliane Nelson (10/25/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Thank you very much for a great product that really works"*

Feeling better, will continue taking Cleanse Drops until I run out. Did not want to look forward to more surgery. Will recommend this product to friends & family . Thank you very much for a great product that really works.*


Customer Name: Raul Rocha (10/24/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"This product has truly been a Godsend!"*

To whom it concerns: In 1986 i was diagnosed w/a thyroid condition known as hyperparathyroidism...which causes calcium to not be absorbed into the bones but instead causes kidney stones as a result. In 1994, as a result of this condition i experienced an acute kidney stone attack in my left kidney which caused extreme pain that cannot described unless experienced! I underwent the standard medical protocol which involved being paralyzed from the waist down in order to crush the stones by way of ultrasound-not a pleasant experience at all! In 2012, i was diagnosed w/a stone in my right kidney the size of a golf ball which required three separate procedures to address and a 12 day hospital stay...so i have extensive experience w/this matter. I have tried numerous alternative therapies but cleanse drops seem to be the most effective at this point at relieving the discomfort i have suffered to this day...I am very pleased currently w/this product and will continue to use it as long as it is available. This product has truly been a Godsend! I will keep you posted as to further improvement after continued use...Again thank you for a excellent product! RD!


Customer Name: Robert Donnel (10/23/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Thank You for a product that WORKS!!!!!"*

I had pain under my right lower rib. Thinking it was gall stones or liver stones, I started searching the www for ideas on helping get rid of the nagging pain. Although it was not extreme, it let me know it was there 24-7. I ordered your drops thinking they could break up any stones causing me this discomfort. After 3 weeks I had to try to remember why I was taking the drops. I am pleased to say no pain since, thats about 4 weeks ago. I am 62 years young and figured I could be a candidate for stones. Thank You for a product that WORKS!!!!! Richard*


Customer Name: Richard Rockwell (10/28/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Thank God I discovered these drops"*

I'm 26 yrs old and have suffered with gallstones/gallbladder disease for at least 7 years. Once or twice every few months I would end up in the ER with pain so intense my blood pressure was at stroke level. They'd give me pain and nausea meds and send me home. While I had 3 ways to die from my gallbladder, my infection and fever was not bad enough to warrant emergency surgery, it would have to be elective. Surgery was not an option for me, and as my family has always been big on natural medicine, I began to do my research. Thank God I discovered these drops, within an hour of taking them I began to pass gallstones and have continued passing them regularly....I'm only on day 3 of my doses!!! Of course I can't say that it would work for everyone but for me personally they have literally been a miracle in a bottle. I am a person that is very resistant to things, especially medicinal things so believe me, I went into this very desperate, knocking on deaths door desperate, but skeptical at the same time. I have been more than pleased, beyond grateful, and would recommend these to anyone!*


Customer Name: Brittany Brumley (10/26/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"I have not had any attack since"*

This was recommended to me by a friend who had much success with the product. It shrunk it gall stones and relieved him of his pain. I have not had any attack since started the program.. Im trying this so I will not have to have surgery.*


Customer Name: Anne Merrifield (10/28/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"I feel this product can help no matter what the issue is"*

I have had my Gallbladder removed almost 20yrs ago. have always felt as though there was inflammation and my abdomen was hard as a rock all the time. no matter what I did for exercise and eating healthy, nothing seemed to help it go down. tried enemas, colonics, supplements. it has been a month now since cleanse drops and my abdomen is finally softening. in general I have felt a sense of well being. I feel this product can help no matter what the issue is.*


Customer Name: N/A (10/27/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Your Cleanse Drops were heaven sent"*

I passed my first stone the same night I started taking Cleanse Drops. During the next 10 days I passed another 19 stones. I've now been pain free for the last 3 days. I'm taking a maintenance dose once a day and will continue until I use all the drops. Your Cleanse Drops were heaven sent. The pain was so bad and now it's gone. I'm so glad you priced them at a point I was willing to try them. It's fantastic to actually buy a product that works every bit as well as claimed. I am one very pleased customer and would recommend Cleanse Drops without any reservation.*


Customer Name: Sharon Perker (12/24/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"I'm amazed!!!!"*

I waited to find out the results from my doctor before I responded back to your company. I have had 4 lithotripsies to blast the kidney stones and one surgery when the blasting failed. I started to use the Cleanse Drops for three weeks and went for an Xray. The fragments from the blasting are totally gone and my doctor was very pleased. Normally they seem to have a little seperation anxiety and fine each other again and then I have to go thru the blasting once again. Thank you SO much for making a product that actually works. Sincerely, R. Pederson*


Customer Name: R. Pederson (08/28/15)

(*Individual results may vary)

"So Thankful for this product!"*

I have never had kidney stones before, (I am 64) so I didn't really know what to expect. I was feeling really bad before I passed the first stone. After 10 days trips to the ER and three episodes of horribly painfull stone movement, a horrific anti-biotic shot for a supposed acute kidney infection that wiped me out and gave me candida, and no one really presecribing anything but Tylenol with codiene, I got my Cleanse Drops in the mail and started them. I began to feel better within the hour and throughout the day. And I went to my naturopath and he recommended using the Cleanse Drops along with Apple Cider Vinegar and re-evaluating my diet completely. I put Cleanse Drops in my water first thing in the morning with juice well before meals three times a day. Besides drinking almost 100 ozs. of water a day laced with up to three doses of the drops and apple cider vinegar, or whenever I feel like there is some activity in my kidneys, I take a dose of the Cleanse Drops and begin to feel better almost immediatly. I know the feeling when a stone is passing now, but I have not had any of the pain I experienced when I first passed the initial ones. I have had an ultrasound and x-ray of my kidneys and am still waiting on the "official results". But the preliminary finding was that I have stones in both kidneys and that was on August 4. I am wondering how they look now. I will be re-evaluated and will update my review. I know your product has made a huge difference and in combination with much more thoughful eating, drinking tons of water and following the advice of my naturopath, I feel so much better. I am not going to tempt fate and try to go back to my old eating habits and not drinking enough water. My only question is, when is it safe to come off the Cleanse Drops? I don't want to be out somewhere or working if I go off of them and have an attack. If anyone has an answer, it would be most appreciated. Thank you for this product. It is a Godsend. I have already recommended it to my Naturopath and told other people about it. Thank you again! Grace*


Customer Name: Laurine Grace (08/17/15)

(*Individual results may vary)

Disclaimer: *Testimonials displayed on this site are from real Cleanse Drops users and reflect real life experiences of those individuals who have used the product.


However, they are individual results and results can vary. We do not claim that every user will achieve the same results as the ones displayed on this site.


Read our full testimonial disclaimer

"I'm very thankful to the people behind these miracle drops"*

I just got home from school after a long day of teaching. I was changing and getting ready for a meeting & cultural dance practice for our Filipino-American Christmas party. All of a sudden, I felt an extreme pain on my lower abdomen that immediately spread from my lower back to the entire left half of my back. Within 15 minutes, I felt as if I was paralyzed. This was accompanied by non-stop vomiting, dizziness, & cold, clammy feeling all over my body. Just then my right side also started hurting followed by chest pains. It felt more painful than delivering a baby! My husband and daughter rushed me to the ER. After the CT Scans, the doctor said that I had a kidney stone and massive gall stones, which both attacked at the same time. I had a kidney stone 10 years ago, but I passed it the night I went to the hospital. The doctor said that once you had it, it usually reoccurs. After 2 days, I went to see a urologist. He recommended surgery because my kidney stone is too big and has jagged edges. He said that I will need to go to another specialist for my gall stones, but usually they do a surgery to remove the gall bladder if the stones are that big. I eat healthy food, only drink water, exercises most of the time or walks everyday. I wasn't sure how I got these stones. I prayed about it, and asked the Lord to lead me to a medicine that will dissolve these stoned, so that I won't have to have a surgery. I searched online and the first thing I found was the Cleanse Drops. I read all the testimonials, kept searching online, and continued praying about it. I decided to give it a try and ordered 3 bottles. I took 25 drops 3 times a day. I followed the recommendation and did not eat breakfast to give the drops time to work, and drank plenty of water each day. After just 2 days, the system flush started kicking in. I saw some yellowish foreign matters that I don't normally see. I started feeling better after every flush. The only pain I felt was that slight pain when someone really needs to use the restroom. I also lost some weight. It's been 3 months now. I never went back to the doctor because my little trip to the ER cost me about $3000 out of pocket and the 5- minute visit to the eurologist to look at the CT scans and tell me I need to have a surgery cost me about $300 out of pocket. The CT scan alone was $1000. These are with insurance! There's no telling what it would have cost if I had the surgery. I never really used my medical insurance even though I was paying a lot of money each month. So this year, I opted for the cheapest insurance. I would have gone through the surgery if there was no other way, and if I continued to have the same kind of pain even just for one more day. First of all, I'm thankful to the Lord for His healing miracles for both my kidney stone and gall stones! I'm also thankful to Him for the wisdom He has provided and for leading me to this special natural product call Cleanse Drops. Special thanks also to my family and friends, both in the US and in the Philippines for their continued prayer intercession. I am very thankful to the people behind this miracle drops and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you with wisdom, skills, resources, and inspiration to keep on finding and perfecting natural cures for different ailments. I have been talking about Cleanse Drops to all the people I know, whether they have kidney and gallstones or not. I am ordering another 3 bottles for maintenance. My husband is also going to start taking it for prevention. God is good… all the time! :)*


Customer Name: Lily Oubre (12/22/14)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Very happy with the results"*

In December of 2014 I had surgery to remove a kidney stone about the size of a marble, too large to pass. After that experience I have been using Cleanse Drops. It is now August 2015 and I just returned from the hospital with yet another kidney stone. This one has passed and was about 2mm in size. The drops seem to be helping and I'm hoping to stop having stones altogether. The drops are very easy to take and I'm taking 20 drops twice a day.*


Customer Name: Tony J. Yuscius (08/08/15)

(*Individual results may vary)

"Loving everything about the drops"*

I've had many kidney stones since 1987.....I've had them surgically removed, lithotripsy, and passed 11......for the past three years I've escaped any attacks but four weeks ago I was having some back pain and my husband ordered me these drops. I started taking 20 drops daily for about a week.....then I had a very painful attack that landed me in the ER after passing two large stones at home......they were different from stones I had passed in the past. They were softer.....like they were dissolving.....the ER trip helped with pain and infection....I passed four more softened stones the next day......I truly believe these cleanse drops helped eliminate the stones and helped my body to get rid of the draining effect on my body. I'm going to continue to use these drops to keep more from forming. Love everything about the drops*


Customer Name: Lori Kepley (08/03/15)

(*Individual results may vary)

"A Cure for Kidney Stones"*

This product is like a miracle drug. I have/had an 8mm (1/3rd") calcium kidney stone that had me in such pain, until I started taking Cleanse Drops; the next morning, I was pain free, without taking a bunch of nsaids - no hype here, just fact - I never much believed in "miracle Cures", but this one just might be so!*


Customer Name: N/A  (05/26/15)

(*Individual results may vary)

*Testimonials displayed on this site are from real Cleanse Drops users and reflect real life experiences of those individuals who have used the product. However, they are individual results and results can vary. We do not claim that every user will achieve the same results as the ones displayed on this site.

Read our testimonial disclaimer

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