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Clear Stones The Gallbladder & Kidneys Naturally*

Soothe Discomfort & Dislodge Stones*

Support Healthy Gallbladder/Kidney Function*

Avoid Expensive & Dangerous Surgical Extraction*



*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Results may vary.
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Cleanse Drops’ Potent Herbal Liquid Formula May Help You To:*


Cleanse Drops are a clinically studied, all-natural, remedy which may support the Gallbladders ability to eject stones from the gallbladder and pass them through the digestive system. Cleanse Drops may also support the Excretory system’s ability to eject stones from the kidney and pass them through the urinary system comfortably. (*Results may vary)


In Clinical studies currently underway Cleanse Drops have been shown in ultrasounds to increase what is called the “Gallbladder Ejection Fraction” this is a measure of how effectively the gallbladder is able to push out bile when you eat fatty foods. Many people with gallstones have a weak “Gallbladder Ejection Fraction” so bile and other substances aren’t effectively cleared from the gallbladder after meals, which leads to buildup and eventually stones.


Cleanse Drops may increase your Kidneys ability to break down stones so they are passed more easily in the form of a sandy substance. It may also help the kidneys clear themselves so the stones are basically “washed out” of the kidney into the ureter where they are passed into the bladder and leave the body through the urine. (*Results may vary)


Cleanse Drops can increase your gallbladders ability to clear itself so the stones are basically “spit out” of the Gallbladder into the bile duct where they are passed into the digestive system and through the stool. Cleanse Drops are also thought to relax the bile duct and epithelial tissue of the ureter and urethra so stones stones can be passed without pain or discomfort. (*Results may vary)


Finally, customers of Cleanse Drops and patients in our studies have reported a nearly immediate reduction in discomfort and pain associated with kidney stones and gallstones. (*Results may vary) While it’s not known exactly why Cleanse Drops help so much with pain it is thought to be due to a relaxing and more normal functioning of the gallbladder and kidneys. (*Results may vary)

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